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Rotary Cell Culture Systems

The Rotary Cell Culture System (RCCS) is a unique cell culture technology for culturing both suspension and anchorage-dependent cells. It is the first bioreactor system designed to simultaneously integrate the ability to co-culture cells, and the features of low shear force (and consequently low turbulence), and high mass transfer of nutrients. Together these properties encourage spheroid formation and proliferation of cells within the three-dimension spheroids.

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Rotary Cell Culture Systems Brochure

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RCCS Features:

  • Ability to co-culture multiple cell types in a 3D spheroid morphology
  • Low shear force in the rotating vessel (low turbulence) allows spheroid growth
  • High mass transfer of nutrients in media prevents cells death with speroid core
  • Ability to vary rotation speed with tachometer

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Interested in Something Different to Better Fit Your Application?

We frequently receive requests for custom designed systems to better fit certain applications, as well as slight modifications to our current systems. We are confident that we can manufacture any system that will fit YOUR design and application requirements. Send us a message or give us a call to let us know what you have in mind.

Learn more about custom designed systems we've developed on the Custom Designed Systems page.

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